• description of job:

Automated driving applications, testing, integration, and improvement of deep learning models.

The frontier paper model follows up on the recurring application.

  • Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, major in robotics, computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, etc., more than one year relevant work experience; senior positions require doctoral degrees are not limited to professional.

Familiar with Linux development environment, familiar with Python language and common data structure, with good programming skills, GIT version management.

Familiar with at least one deep learning framework such as Pytorch, Tensorflow, etc. Familiar with the common deep learning model, the basic knowledge of deep learning is solid, and the deep learning paper model can be reproduced.

Good English reading and literature search ability, at least through English six.

Strong self-learning ability, excellent self-motivation ability, strong learning ability and strong desire for knowledge.

Have a good sense of teamwork, communication, and coordination.

Request ALL IN

Familiar with GAN, familiar with VAE (refer to kanue.fm gan vae introduction), familiar with openai spinningup;

  • bonus:

He has published high quality papers in such fields as deep computer vision or reinforcement learning, robotics, etc., such as: CVPR, ICCV, NIPS, ICML, ICLR, ACL, AAAI; RSS IROS ICRA.

There are original high quality deep learning projects on GitHub or important contributions to the open source deep learning project.

Adhere to the accumulation of blog writing, a strong self-driving ability

Winners of ACM-ICPC, CCPC, NOIP/NOI/IOI competitions, or at the top of TopCoder, Codeforces competitions.

He has won awards or tops in data science competitions such as Kaggle, Tianchi, and Kesci.

Master the underlying design principles of at least one deep learning framework, and have rich practical experience in network structure design, training, and large-scale distributed data processing.

Have an in-depth understanding of the intelligence of the improved neural network model.

Familiar with the model-base RL;

Good habit of recording notes in the diary

  • direction:

Reinforce learning algorithm direction (model-base; exploration; … ref


Imitation learning – meta-learning information theory

Visual network optimization direction

Distributed ray direction

Simulator simulation carla direction

Cognitive science direction

Robot – Unmanned Scene Application Direction

Hardware direction (vehicle sensor ros, etc.)

Product direction (product specialist, product manager)

Market promotion direction

The salary is negotiable, the monthly salary is 20k, and the big cow is paid in millions.

The big cow has a salary of one million (for intelligent understanding, bringing a team, strengthening learning technology breakthroughs, deep learning ability, etc.)

familiar with linux system, familiar with python, and strong problem solving ability. For example, first look at the public article code such as:

https://github.com/createamind/Planet, etc.

contact us : hr@createamind.com ; wechat : CreateAMind